The OmniCXM contact center solutions can either be engaged individually or holistically integrated to work together.

By seamlessly integrating data across multiple channels, OmniCXM brings the best of customer experience in a single solution that improves productivity, customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

Allowing customers to access information at any time, through any channel, and from whatever device they prefer, is crucial for maintaining a seamless customer service experience.

Providing customers with the option to contact organizations through their preferred channel enhances the experience of both agents and customers.


 OmniCXM Messaging allow agents able to communication and service customer via different social media channel like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Live chat, Line to increasing customer satisfaction and productivity.


 OmniCXM Voice is a contact center solution with many call center functionalities like IVR, ACD, voice logging, ACS, intelligent call routing, AI voice assistant and many more.


OmniCXM Email is a module that supports multiple campaigns, case by case outbound emails base templates and automate process with or without approve of leader or administrator


OmniCXM BPM is a business process management drive value for your organisation.

Omni Contact Center Features

Voice essentials
Ticket System
CRM Built-in
Social Media Chat Manager
AI ChatBot
AI Voicebot
Business Process Management
Reporting and Analytics
Workforce management
Multi-channel integration
Monitoring Dashboard
Auto Call Services

Things You Need from Omni Contact Center


AI can be utilized to increase efficiency in an omni-channel Contact Center, and ascertain the best channel to deal with each inquiry, without taking up the time of your agents.


Using technology that facilitates unlimited integrations with third-party technology allows you continue to reap all the benefits of your existing software, as well as those of the virtual Contact Center.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Having a cloud-based Contact Center means you are not restricted to a particular location. Furthermore, outsourcing the system to a trusted Contact Center as a Service provider (CCaaS) reduces the burden on your IT team.


Agents and supervisors should be able to access reports to enable them to optimize performance. There should also be the same level of reporting for every communication channel.


Scalability is a must-have feature, enabling you to make sure no call, live chat, or email goes unanswered, even in peak times.

Have reliable service with Omnichannel Contact Center Software

New Agent Experience

     The intuitive web interface let your supervisors and agents to quickly learn how to use OmniCXM, so they can focus on customer satisfaction!

     Support email, voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WebChat on one platform

     Manage tasks across multiple channels with a single user interface

     Create engagement workflows and intelligent routing tailored to your business

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     The realtime panels and dashboards, that can be customized, allow supervisors to monitor agents performance and make dynamic changes when needed.

     Supervisors can also perform call monitoring and recording services for quality assurance purpose.

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