Linkage is an international integrated partnership whom is specialized in VOIP Telephony System and Solutions, Software Development, and Network Monitoring.

An experienced in the Unified Communication for more than 15 years, Linkage has been consistently providing reliable support services and consultancy to a wide variety of corporate houses in the APAC regions, via the company’s subsidiaries. Subsidiaries involved here are the young qualified business graduates from the renowned universities across the globe, as well as qualified engineers from notable technological companies.


The key to Linkage’s success is to maintain a close working relationship with the clients, and ensuring the best possible solutions to their needs by establishing a thorough knowledge and understanding of the client’s objectives. Hence Linkage helps them to come out a complete solution that benefit to them.


At Linkage, we established ourselves as the best choice in Computing and Information Technology Services, Consultancy and Development by offering the full spectrum of services, building a long-term business partnership with our clients with reliability, assured quality and target oriented modern technology.


Our team consists of telecom technology enthusiasts with 15+ years of combined experience building some of the large telecom applications around Asia, Europe, and the US. With that vast background and expertise, we apply it to everything we do as we continue to build new innovative solutions aspiring towards changing how businesses communicate.

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